Music Books That I Recommend

Required Reading For ALL Musicians & Guitarists!

These guitar theory books were originally published in the early 1980s, but they’re as relevant and “must-have” as ever. Whether you’re studying with a teacher, books, or using an online program, these two books will enhance – and possibly accelerate – your education while serving as an excellent reference resource. Click on the book covers or down below to find out more.

Fretboard Logic- by Bill Edwards

books for musicians i recommend The first two Fretboard Logic guitar theory books, published six years apart, have been combined into a special edition.

It boldly goes forth where few guitar instructors dare to — into the realm of a guitar’s built-in music theory. Using the guitar neck as a map, Edwards shows you by knowing just five chord patterns, not only can you play anywhere on the guitar, but in any key.

That gets you ready for the second part of the book, which delves into expanding the different chord forms into scales, arpegios, and lead patterns. Extra attention is paid to the pentatonic scale, vital if you want to play blues, rock, or learn how to improvise solos.

If you can see how Fretboard Logic turns the guitar into a musical operating system, it will get you to that “AHA!” moment when you stop being a guitar player and start being a guitar-playing musician!

The Guitar Handbook – by Ralph Denyer

The Guitar Handbook? It’s really more of like the result of an unholy alliance between an encyclopedia and a love letter!

While it offers musical advice and instruction (accompanied by exquisite drawings), the real purpose of this guitar theory book is to give you a frame of reference as a guitarist.

You’ll be taken though biographies of past and present guitar greats, and inside the making of acoustic and electric guitars — very handy if you’re about to buy one!

There is also reference material on the care and maintenance of your guitar with simple repairs and customizations. Accessories are also covered — what you should know about strings, amplifiers, multitrack recording, electric guitar circuitry, and sound systems for live events.

And The Guitar Handbook is crowned with a key-by-key chord library and a modulation chart for changing keys mid-song.

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