Sing Ivory Vol 2 – 2006

General Info

Album……: Sing Ivory Vol 2
Artist…..: Mr Fritz (a.k.a. Mr Music)
Date…….: 2006
Description: Piano (with backing) mood music
15 take-your-soul-away tracks containing
25 all-time favourite melodies,
carefully selected, tastefully arranged and
played from the heart by Mr Fritz.

Track List…..:

  1. Hasta manyana / My love, my life
  2. My world / Don’t forget to remember
  3. The end of the world / Picking up pebbles
  4. More / I talk to the trees
  5. Just the way you are / Daniel
  6. Greensleeves / Scarborough Fair
  7. Il trapasso (own composition)
  8. Melody in f / Top of the world
  9. Tell me why / The anniversary waltz
  10. Always on my mind
  11. For you (own composition)
  12. Lara’s theme
  13. If / Love story
  14. Solitaire
  15. Let it be / Hey Jude

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